Macro Monday 2019.09...


So Steven Spielberg wants to block streaming services such as Netflix from being Oscar eligible?


He believes that movies that either premiere initially on streaming services or only have shortened theatrical runs in order to make themselves eligible for an Academy Award should be barred and only be eligible for Emmys... or, I suppose, Golden Globes or Peoples' Choice or BAFTAs or SAGs or Palm d'Ors or any number of other seemingly less elitist groups.

Imagine what this change would do for independent films that cannot afford prolonged distribution in theaters. They'd be lost forever in the ether because they rely on award season for word of mouth identification. Or what about filmmakers who prefer the fewer roadblocks that streaming distribution allows? There are plenty of those.

Me? I call bullshit. I think that having streaming service movies compete with big-screen fare creates better competition. I have less and less interest in a lot of the award-nominated films as the years progress. I think I only saw two of them this past year.

Additionally, I firmly believe that a movie is a movie is a movie.

I also think that streaming services are great because they provide a much larger audience for a film premiere than a theatrical release ever could. How many millions of subscribers does Netflix have worldwide? It's insane.

I'm kinda curious if this is causing strain between Spielberg and his longtime friend Martin Scorsese whose upcoming film The Irishman, starring Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, is receiving monster pre-release buzz and is premiering on Netflix (although there is talk of a stunted theatrical release).

Could be interesting at family get-togethers, eh?