Tu(n)esday: RSD19...


Forget about college basketball! Thanks to io9, we have some real brackets to play with this spring!

What's the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film of the Last Decade!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy March Madness[tapping on the image should open it as full size]

I'm going to admit I do have some issues with the movies selected for this list. For example, while I know that they're trying to be diverse and that these movies, technically, count as fantasy, I don't really agree with the inclusion of films like The Muppets, Inside Out, Skyfall (this is a spy film), The LEGO Movie, Toy Story 3, Coraline, and Zootopia while simultaneously overlooking films like the new Predator and Alien installments, Aquaman, the Divergent films, the Twilight films (not my personal faves, but someone will vote for them), the Happy Death Day films, Saw films, more Harry Potter films, and so many more.

Honestly, I think animated and "kids" films could populate their own bracket entirely. As could horror films. 

I digress.

I did go in and play along. Here's how I did it:

  1. I crossed off (in red) all the films I have not yet seen
  2. If I crossed out both in a matchup, I didn't pick a winner at all (one coworker read recaps of the films and decided which he thought sounded better)
  3. I picked winners based on a combination of personal enjoyment and rewatchability


I was really surprised that I eventually had Captain America: The First Avenger go out in the final four. It's my favorite MCU film, but, when put up against War for the Planet of the Apes, I realized that I tend to skip past scenes in Cap whereas I watch the entirety of Apes.

I was also shocked that Wonder Woman did as well as it did, going to the final four, despite me not really liking the ending and the villain in the film. 

It was also weird that I've only seen one top seed and my final four was comprised of a 16 seed, 8 seed, 6 seed, and a 12 seed. I guess I like me some underdogs. 

I wonder if I should try to set up some of these for other genres. That could be fun.