Macro Monday 2019.09...


Overheard in our house tonight...

Me: “Nathan, can you bring your plate into the kitchen so I can wash it?”

Nathan: “Daddy, is this a ‘chore’?”

Me: “No, it’s more of a favor.”

Nathan: “Can we just call it a chore?”

Me: “Sure... but you’re not getting paid for it.”

Nathan: “Grrrrr...”

Oh goodie. Nathan: the next tycoon. 




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Suzanne Apgar

A future mogul, maybe?!


I dunno.


We took the path that chores and allowance were unrelated. Chores were simply a responsibility while allowance was a privilege. That being said, there were certainly extra tasks that could earn extra money.

One time, I offered 10 cents per scanned photo. It only got me one batch of photos before it was decided that it wasn't worth it.


We actually haven’t associated the two. He gets it from school, I think. Nice try on the scans.

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