Feb Goals...

Another month bites the dust. Let’s see how my goals are doing.

1. Blog Play: Finally got an issue resolved with the accordions on my Rankings page. Depending on how you read my blog, you may or may not have noticed this issue (hopefully not). But on full size displays, if you clicked open a particularly long accordion like my MCU Movies one, the content was so long that it was pushing some of the content under the bottom of my template. Apparently there was a setting in the responsive template that was fixing the height of the div and wouldn't automatically expand it to make room for elements that were created using outside services or whatnot. I nabbed the accordion code from StackOverflow and got some fixer JS from another source and that was "confusing" the template, I've been told. Whatever the case, it's fixed and I'm happy.

2. Video Play: My goofy, little How-To video for work on properly making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. 

3. Music Play: Although I'd heard of them before, I'd never listened to X-Ray Spex. Well, a Spotify play queue that followed the Baby Driver soundtrack solved that deficiency for me...


Another one that came from this same Spotify session is Radio Birdman.


4. Camera Play: #MiniMusicMonday is going strong.

5. Word Play: This month, I not only hit my monthly reading requirements, I made up for my deficit last month. Yo!


Umbrella and Hammer are graphic novels, Potter and Apocalypse are physical books, and Oz is an audiobook.

I am 10 books deep toward my 48 book goal. No problem!


6. Update Play: You're reading it! 

Meet your goals this month?


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