When social media took off around 2008 or so, the biggest price was paid by the blogosphere. Bloggers jumped ship for MySpace (although that was basically dead already), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Buzz/Wave/Plus, And lord only remembers what else. 

For the few of us bloggers still sticking around, it was sad to see them go. Watching them drop was like playing observer to a room full of people with chronic illness. You just guess at who is going to drop off next. 

But then you secretly hope social media will die or that something will happen that will drive people back to blogging. Something like being shut out of your account or banned or the network shuts down. 

Whatever the case, you hope for some return. Be it a flood or a trickle. 

The trickle started a while back when Kevin Spencer started “microblog” posts instead of only photo posts to his blog. 

It continues with my discovery today that Karl Erikson — AKA Secondhand Tryptophan and Secondhand Karl — has also returned thanks to a Facebook ban! I’ll take it. 


Warning: He says he’s no longer the “funny” Karl of yore. Since humor was about the only thing he had going for him, I’m not sure what this will mean for his blog. But, we’ll see.

Heh heh.

Gotta get on my laptop so I can add him back into my blogroll. Still can’t edit pages via the iOS browser build. Boo!