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The other day, I celebrated the return of Karl to the blogosphere as a return of one of my friends I had, ironically, lost touch with because of “social” media (did I use “ironically” correctly?).

Today, I received a comment on one of my posts from another former blogger and über-talented artist named Kyra who I lost touch with a handful of years ago as well. She, like so many others, went almost 100% Facebook and I kinda turned on that platform pretty early on so, honestly, losing touch with her and Karl and others is really on me. I knew where to find them, I just didn’t. And I’m sorry about that. 

But it’s no worry anymore because Kyra has returned to blogging as well with Life, Art, & Chocolate! And she uses an Oxford Comma! God bless her.


You all might think it’s weird that I’m celebrating bloggers’ returns. I don’t think so. I’m shedding a tear of joy. 

Yup, once I get on my laptop, I’ll add Kyra to my blogroll so you all can find her site more easily.