Macro Monday 2019.12...

So I'm still calling this Macro Monday in the title even though, everywhere else, I call it #MiniMusicMonday. Do you think it's time I standardize things? Or is this not that big a deal? If I standardize, should I do it under the "Mini" or "Macro" flag?

Moving on... last week's Challenge Photo was guessed correctly at approximately the same time by Marty on Instagram and Stephen on Facebook. As I've whined before, neither give exact times that comments are posted so I'm just going to have to call it a tie. 


As for this next MiniMusicMonday (or Macro Monday, whatevs) Challenge Photo, don't let it drive you crazy, okay?


Correct answer in a week. I won't be gone too long. 

I swear that this will be the last update to my Top Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films of the Last Decade bracket. [Post 1 | Post 2]

I couldn't update beyond today even if I wanted to as my bracket is 100% busted. Yes, literally 100% busted. I have nothing left. All my selections are gone. 

It's truly pitiful.