It’s amazing to me how often Katie and I can rewatch episodes of Parks & Recreation.

Run out of stuff on our DVR?

Watch P&R.

Get bored by the first 15 minutes of a movie?

Watch P&R.

Flip through the 200-odd channels provided by DirecTV and find nothing worth our time?

Watch P&R.

Working in the kitchen and need something playing in the background?

Watch P&R.

Heck, if we just need some good hearty laughs?

Watch P&R.

It used to be that our go-to was The Office. But I can’t stand the final four seasons of that show at all whereas I can watch any episode in any season of P&R at any time.

Plus, given the social and professional environmental shifts of recent years, The Office really doesn’t hold up as well the older it gets. And it’s not even that old.

So, make ours P&R!