Remember that movie bracket from — oh when was it??? — yeah, Wednesday. Anyway, a coworker of mine was wondering what the point was. How do you score something this arbitrary?  

To me and others, it wasn’t about “scoring,” per se. It was merely for fun. 

Then I started thinking about it and realized it might be even more fun if you could score and actually have a legit winner. 

But, how??

It dawned on me earlier how to do that. Take the actual NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket and overlay it on the movie bracket. The winner of the basketball game in each bracket becomes the winner of the film matchup. 

Sure, still a bit arbitrary and completely inconsequential, but still kinda cool.

So I did it and... I’m doing horribly! 


But I’m also not losing money on it like I am with my NCAA bracket where I’m in 10th place out of 12 contestants. 

Basketball sucks. So does my ability to pick the winners.

I’ll post updates as they warrant.