TBT: Gen3...

We re-arranged our entertainment cabinet at home and, afterward, while sitting in the couch, the ever familiar dock connector end was shining out at me like a beacon. 

It was shoved to the back of the cabinet mostly because it was long ago replaced by a version with much higher capacity, new controls, and a color screen that could playback (very small) videos. 

But, in an affront to Marie Kondo and her acolytes, I just couldn’t part with it. Still can’t. It was my first and it will always be beloved. Even if it doesn’t work anymore.


Ah, remember these days? 


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Suzanne Apgar

I think mine is even older.


Not if you’re talking about the one we bought you.

Suzanne Apgar

I am. It looked older. How old is it?


You have an iPod Nano which is totally different than what’s here. And, I think, about two years newer.

Kevin Spencer

Yes. Those were the days.


They certainly were.

Marty Mankins

I would keep that forever.

The first iPod I had was a 4th gen with the player controls on the click wheel. My favorite was the 5th gen video.


I think I will. I contemplated swapping the guts on it years ago. I had no idea if that would work.

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