Macro Monday 2019.10...


I had my laptop out today after getting a little work done when Nathan came over to ask me to look something up for him. So I fired up my browser and ran a Google Image Search for what he wanted.

Then he asked if he could browse around so I got up and let him sit at the laptop. The first thing he did? He put a finger on the screen and tried to scroll up and down using his finger. 

“Daddy. It’s broken.”

“No it’s not, buddy. It’s fine.”

“It’s not a touchscreen??”

“Nope. Normal screen, pal. You have to use fingers on this [pointing to the trackpad].”



So tech-spoiled. 


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Marty Mankins

OMG, this happens to everyone that I hand my MacBook to. The first thing they do is try to scroll with their fingers. Spoiled by the touch screen of the iPhone and iPad.


Everyone as in adults?

Marty Mankins

Mostly adults. But some kids as well (age varies from 5 to 17)


Wow. That’s crazy.

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