Macro Monday 2019.11...

Tu(n)esday: RSD19...

Remember how gung-ho I was about Record Store Day last year? Mostly because they had two exclusive cassette re-issues? Yeah, not so much this year. 


Still only two cassettes being released, one of which I couldn’t care less about and the other being something I don’t feel the need to wait in line for a couple hours to get. 


Yes, I love Prince but this album isn't enough to make me wake up early...


...and Notorious B.I.G./Craig Mack is something with which I have zero familiarity. 


I can’t believe that with the re-growth of popularity in cassettes these last couple years that more isn’t coming out. 

Yes, I know there is Cassette Store Day in October but I have to travel quite a ways to get to a place that hosts it. My local stores aren’t hosting it, so far. 

Man, what a bummer.