Macro Monday 2019.12...


Nathan and I went on a book frenzy today. First was a stop at our library. Then came a curious peek into a new independent bookstore in our town. We wrapped with a visit to our local comic book shop. 

Nathan got two books and a movie at the library. He scored a book at the new shop. He got a figurine at the comic shop.

I got a movie at the library. I got nothing at the new shop. I got nada at the comic shop. 

Did you read that? I. Got. Nada. At. The. Comic. Shop. 


Me! Nothing. 

It’s not for a lack of things that interested me. Well, not entirely anyway. All the stuff I wanted was three, five, eight, or 10 issues deep already with none of the early issues available. The comics that did have issue 1 available just wasn’t floating my proverbial catamaran, if you get my meaning. If there was a series I started, the next issue was sold out.


I never walk out of a comic shop empty handed. This is unheard of!


Well, I guess I did get this killer shot of Nathan and Thanos...


Whose Hollywood name is, obviously, Nathanos. 


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Kevin Spencer

Obviously. Duh.


Best Hollywood name since Brangelina.

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