It was always so cute to hear what Nathan would call Katie and I as he, first, developed speech and then aged and developed his speech. 

We were “Mama” and “Dada” as most parents are. That evolved to “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Either name of which we were happy especially given Nathan’s ridiculously cute vocal intonations. And often accompanied with utter excitement and hugs and kisses (think coming home from work).

Lately, however, he has started calling us “Mom” and “Dad.” And it has totally lost all cute factor. He sounds so much older than he used to sound. He also no longer comes running up to us. We still get some cuddles but they’re fewer and farther between. 

Booooooo!! Child aging sucks rocks. Soon enough, it will be, “Hey! Can I have some money and the car keys?” We’ll be relegated to nameless cybernetic ATMs. Joy. 


Stop growing, dude!