As it turns out, the roof replacement work on our unit will begin at the end of this month necessitating us jumping from DirecTV very soon. But there is good news. We’ve been doing our research and have a good idea what steps we’ll be taking... just a whole heckuva lot sooner than we anticipated. 

What’s Going

We’re saying good-bye to our traditional dish-based DirecTV system, which also means that our DVR/receiver and little mini receiver are going bye-bye. This frees up about $75/month and an HDMI port in each of our TVs. That last bit is a big deal considering our two TVs only have two HDMI inputs each. 

Our AT&T Uverse Internet package is getting nixed. I’m a little sick of the general slowness and occasional buffering we endure. And it’s a shared line with neighbors because that’s how non-dedicated service provision works. I like our neighbors, but blech on sharing.

We’ll also say adios to our current cell phone plan. We’re still sticking with AT&T but will be signing up for a new plan that should save us about $30/month and allow us to keep our “unlimited” data plan.

And you already know we killed our home phone.

What’s Coming

We are replacing our Uverse Internet with Metronet!!! It’s here! Finally!! Our next door neighbors had it installed on Thursday and love it. They have the Gigabit package. We won’t go that high just yet. We’re going to see if we can survive on the 100MB package which is 4x the speed of our 25MB Uverse plan. In reality, though, it’ll be even faster because our Metronet connection will be dedicated fiber optic for us and no one else. If we need to, we’ll up it to the 200MB plan but we’ll try the lowest tier for now and see if we can jive with that jelly roll. 


Our TV plan will switch over to DirecTV Now, the streaming service offered by our current provider. It’s $50/month and allows for live and VOD watching of the local channels we need. We will lose some channels we’ve relied on but, as we’ve noticed since getting Hulu, we don’t watch them as often. We’ll also have ESPN and ESPN2 which we haven’t had for years. This will be great... until the Cubs start their own video service in 2020. Plus, right now, they’re packaging HBO for no extra charge and are also offering $20 off for each of your first three months. They say the savings is for new subscribers. Being new to their streaming service, I hope, counts. 


When it comes around, we’ll also be adding Disney +. I see no way to escape the mouse’s streaming house.

What’s Staying

We’ll be holding onto Netflix and Hulu and Spotify especially since the last two are now bundled together with our Spotify Premium plan giving us free Hulu with limited ads (what we watch now).

We’ll also be sticking with Roku to control it all.

How’s It Looking

Overall, we’ll be saving about $20-30/month on our total entertainment utility package. It’s not as much as I’d hoped to be saving, but every little bit helps. 

I’m really kinda excited about this.

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Marty Mankins

I like the details of what is staying and what is going. I'm curious about how you will like DirecTV NOW vs. the dish DirecTV.


I’m curious, too.

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