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Katie got to have some fun this past weekend. She was able to burn some energy on a new project... a distressing of an old dresser. I believe this dresser may have been my dad's at some point during his life. It became my brother's dresser. Then it served as storage in my parents' house. Earlier this year, my parents decided to unload it and we took it for Nathan.

My dad delivered it on Sunday afternoon and Katie got to work.


This is the dresser in its original state of being.


Katie getting to work on a layer of orange paint after using some mineral spirits to clean it up.


The finished drawers after two layers of orange and roughly one and a half layers of blue (some areas got one layer, some saw an extra coat).


A closeup view of the drawers.


The finished dresser.

She finished on Sunday night, BTW. She's efficient like that.

She did a damn nice job and now we just need to go through Nathan's clothes and pull out the stuff that no longer fits him before giving it all a new home. Oh, and his current dresser will make its way into our master bedroom closet for storage. What goes around comes around, eh?


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Wow, that looks amazing. Quite a talent Katie has.

Suzanne Apgar

That's perfect and Nate loves orange!


Orange and blue are his first and second favorite colors.


Yes, she does.

Marty Mankins

The dresser turned out great.


She did a great job.

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