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Forgot that came out today. Thanks for the reminder. It looks good. I've been enjoying the last two episodes, unlike some Star Wars fans I know. Obviously the middle 3 episodes will always be my favorite. Empire, especially. But 7 and 8 were pretty good, if not a little forced.

You see what I did there?


He’s here all week, folks! I like most of the new ones. Awakens and Solo were fun and Rogue is basically my second favorite Star Wars film of all time. Last Jedi, while I liked it a little bit more on second viewing, is still a huge letdown for me. A few great scenes tampered down by a few absolutely horrendous scenes and concepts that ruined it all for me.


I still need to see the one-off films.


Go in with low expectations and that will help with Solo. It’s a completely unnecessary film but still enjoyable if you let yourself. Rogue One was just amazing.


I go into all of the "Star Wars" movies with an 11-year-old mindset, which was how old I was when I saw the original "Star Wars" in the drive-in theater. Decades ago, Lucas said the movies were meant for kids around 11-13. So I don't go in looking for incredibly complex Oscar-winning storylines. I go in looking to be entertained, to say "Oooh" and "ahhh!" a lot at the special effects. And to see some of my favorite characters from the entire cinematic universe.

That's my way of saying I enjoy them all.

Except for the first 3. I thought Ewoks were the biggest sin in the Star Wars universe. Then came Jar Jar Binks. *shiver*


And by "first 3," I mean episodes 1-3. Not the REAL ORIGINAL first 3, which were the best.


I’m with ya, brother.


I knew.

Kevin Spencer

Yeah so what that I've watched the teaser trailer 94 times? Cannot bloody wait.


It looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

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