Kevism: Wired...

While I refuse to judge them for doing it, I still get a kick out of how many people I see walking around in public tethered to their music, podcasts, etc., with headphones in or on their ears. I refuse to judge because, well, I’ve been them. 

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Kevism: Drive...

Apr 6
What amazes me most about when people drive like raging assholes is that they reliably do one of two actions while doing so... they either turn away from you so they don’t see you flipping them off or they yell...
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Macro Monday 2019.14...

Apr 8
Almost immediately, my buddy Eric came back with the correct answer to last week’s #minimusicmonday. And it was followed by a lament that his own twin daughters will turn seventeen this year. That song takes on whole new meaning when...


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Kevin Spencer

You mean you don't do it now? Whenever I go to the grocery store by myself I have headphones in. Should I not? LOL.


It would certainly help me get through audiobooks faster.

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