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I'm #TeamStopTorturingYourself

I saw the first one in the theater against my wishes. But I did have a big cocktail, not to menion great company. Anissa Mayhew was one of those cowatchers. We tore that movie apart. It was glorious. But I never saw any of the others. Not enough rum.


There’s never enough rum. Although I admit the movies got MUCH better after the first.


I'm #TeamDidNotFinish, much to the disappointment of my daughter. (Don't misunderstand: she definitely did finish.)


I know that I had seen them all back when they first came out. But watching the fourth and fifth over again, I feel like I never saw them. I didn’t remember so much of them both. But it was interesting to watch their evolution from camp crap to actually a decently watchable film series. Some of them still can’t act their way out of a shoebox though.

Kevin Spencer

I watched them all because Wife. But they weren't good. At all. Actually now that I think about it I probably fell asleep watching the last one.


I don’t think I said they were “good,” just “better” as time passed.

Marty Mankins

I'm Team #NeverRewatching I saw them all and they were not bad, but nothing I would ever call movies I'd want to see again. My daughter really liked them, though.


I’m not sure why we rewatched them. Just did. Probably not again for quite a while.

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