"It's a major award!"

--The Old Man, The Christmas Story

Today at school, Nathan took part in a fun run. They had the option of a quarter mile or a full mile and we signed Nathan up for the quarter. We figured it was his first run ever, let's start him slow.

According to Katie, who was able to be there to watch, he finished the whole thing and did so right in the middle of a pack of his classmates. I call that an epic win!

But, better yet was the award he got for running. Get a load of this thing...


So so so many questions. Here are the immediate ones that popped in my head:

  1. When did his quarter mile become a half marathon? (the 13.1 reference at the top)
  2. "10 years of gettin' Mad to the Bone" whaaaa? 
  3. 2017??
  4. A bottle opener? For a kindergartener??

Of course, I'm sure Nathan will probably wear this around everywhere he goes for the next couple days. And I can't wait to field the questions from people he proudly shows it off to.

As a note, according to Katie, each kid got a totally different medal. Must've been the leftovers from an engraving shop. Cracks me up to no end. 


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Great job, Nathan! That's fantastic he ran the 1/4 mile!

And how fun they had medals for the kids! A lot of runners donate them after they receive them, so I wonder if one of those companies then donated them to the school. I bet whoever donated that would be excited to see a kid like Nathan got it!


I didn’t realize runners donated awards sometimes. I’ve always kept mine.

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