Kevism: Wired...

Kevism: Drive...

What amazes me most about when people drive like raging assholes is that they reliably do one of two actions while doing so... they either turn away from you so they don’t see you flipping them off or they yell at you like it’s your fault. One thing you almost never see anymore is the apologetic “my bad” hand wave. WTF is wrong with people??

I’m taking a queue from KevinSpencer and trying the occasional “microblog” post — a mini post of a couple sentences that basically reads like something that belongs on social media. Almost a “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey” sort of quality.

It won’t be often. Just when I’m having trouble coming up with a blog topic but still want to ensure I maintain my daily posting schedule. 

I just need a name for them. Kevinism? Kapgarism?


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Kevgarism. And don't get me started on bad drivers. I live in a town of octogenarians.


You live in a state of them.


It amuses me when someone feels the need to race past me just so they can get to the red light 3 seconds before I do.


Right? Hurry up and stop!

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