Kevism: Seussical...


Tonight, I finished reading a beautiful three-volume/15-issue set of comics titled Royal City by my favorite writer Jeff Lemire. It’s a simple concept, a family from a small town face off against their personal demons while struggling to figure out how to move on with life. 


Lemire serves double duty on this title as both writer and artist as he’s done in the past and the book becomes so much more personal as a result. It’s a truly beautiful and human story that could be about anyone  

Flashing back and forth from modern time to the 1990s as it does, music plays a big role in setting the scene and tone. And Lemire has created “mixtapes”  to accompany the story. But, instead of just teasing us with the mixes, he had his frequent collaborator Dustin Nguyen create a Spotify playlist of the tapes. And they’re magnificent. 

I’ll be listening to these quite a bit, me thinks. 


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I haven't read volume three yet... keep forgetting about it.


It’s a nice wrap to a great story.

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