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Macro Monday 2019.18...


Nathan and I had a boys’ day and night! Why? Katie scored a free ticket to see the Cubs wrap up a three-game sweep against their arch rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Pretty cool, right?

It gets better. 

The free ticket got them access to a special club with free food and drink and a swag shop no one else can access. 

Pretty cool, right?

It gets better.

Once they were ready to take their seats, they were in section AA21, seats 9 & 10. Three rows off the field on the first base side straight behind where the baseline meets the batter’s circle. 



Pretty cool, right?

It gets better.

Check this shot of the Cubs lines up for the National Anthem...


And this shot of Kyle Schwarber at bat...


And this view of the on-deck circle (even if it is the Cards’ side of things)...


Pretty cool, right?

It gets better.

After the game was over, she saw and shook hands with John Cusack.

That I do not have a picture of, sadly. 

The closest I came to celebrity this weekend was photographing Nathan yesterday with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman.


Oh, and Hulk.



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Suzanne Apgar

Sounds like everyone had a great day!!



Marty Mankins

I kept reading that line "It gets better" and then came to the part where Katie saw and shook hands with John Cusack. That IS AWESOME!!!


Turns out she asked if she could get a picture with him. He very politely declined and offered the handshake which she and the SiL readily accepted. I’m happy she asked and that he was nice about it.

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