Macro Monday 2019.18...


Twitter has been alight with tweets about Disney’s announced movie lineup for the next eight years. I took a look to see what all the buzz was.

Here’s the first page of the list that came as part of a press release:


Okay, yes, there’s some good information in the list above. A lot I already knew about to fill out 2019. Some pleasant surprises for 2020 including the third Kingsman film, two Marvel movies (compared to three this year), and, despite my distaste for these live action adaptations of animated classics, a live Mulan could be cool. And there is some news I wasn’t expecting like both New Mutants and Artemis Fowl being pushed back to 2020. 

But then you get to page two... the most uninformative list of upcoming movies I’ve ever seen.


Sure, it’s pretty awesome to see three new Star Wars films and a new Indiana Jones film. But how many “Untitled Disney Live Action” and “Untitled Disney Animation” films do we need in a given year? Sheesh! 

Six untitled Marvel films in 2021 and 2022? Dang. 

Can we get some detail, please?