Last night, I saw Avengers: Endgame for the second time. Since my Wife went with our SiL to see it and then I saw it with a coworker last week, it was my brother’s turn and I saw it with him.

It was even more glorious on the second viewing!

Just to play it safe, I’m going to declare this first:


[image courtesy of Eagle Nation News that used it, coincidentally, on their review of Avengers: Infinity War]

Seeing it with my brother, though, was interesting as he’s only seen a handful or so of the MCU films.

He was constantly being blown away by all the big-name actors in unexpected (to him) roles. Robert Redford. Michelle Pfeiffer. Michael Douglas. Marisa Tomei. Rene Russo. Tilda Swinton. John Slattery. He knew them all but had no idea they were in MCU films. 

But his biggest point of amazement was Hulk’s new visage. The hybrid Hulk/Banner just slayed him. And it was so funny to watch. I’m glad I got to see it with him.


Now on to some of my favorite things and a couple questions. 

I loved how the film opened on Clint and his family on the farm in Iowa. Such an otherwise mundane scene made emotionally urgent as quickly as it began. 


I love the ending. I love that Steve and Peggy finally got their dance. So sweet. And this plays along with my love of Quantum Leap, the end of which saw Sam Beckett skip a chance to go home and just keep traveling. Kind of the reverse but still the same, in essence. 

I love the cheeseburger scene between Tony’s daughter, Morgan, and Happy (Jon Favreau). I wanted to cry. All the feels. Interesting side note, there was a cut scene with Katherine Langford (Love, Simon) as an older version of Tony.

Cap and Mjolnir... just proves what I’ve said all along, that Steve Rogers, as played by Chris Evans, is truly the best Avenger, and WORTHY!! 


I have so many beloved moments in the film that I cannot list them all. But I think a reviewer on Geeks of Doom (of course, I cannot find the post) mentioned that their favorite scene of the entire MCU was the full screen filling image of Steve standing alone against Thanos’ entire army. I went in to my second viewing looking for this and it was gorgeous. I need it as a wallpaper on my MBP. Now!

To address Dave2’s concern, yes, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) was at Tony’s funeral. She was third from last in the giant cast pan. Maria, Captain Marvel, and Nick Fury.

Speaking of the funeral, why wasn’t this event for both Tony and Nat (Scarlett Johansson)? Her death gutted me. Throughout the films, I loved Nat and her brother-sister-brother love with Clint (Jeremy Renner) and Bruce (Mark Ruffalo). While Tony’s funeral was beautiful, it came off as yet another instance of Black Widow playing second fiddle to the boys’ club.


One thing I’ve read a lot about was fans questioning why Scott (Paul Rudd) wasn’t involved in Infinity War. My initial response was to say that he was under house arrest as part of a plea agreement due to the Sokovia Accords. My theory was strengthened by seeing Clint’s ankle monitor in the opening scene of the movie. Then a coworker reminded me that Scott’s house arrest ended at the end of Ant-Man and Wasp. So, wait, why was one off house arrest and the other was not? 

A final question I have is why did Clint go all Ronin after his family vanished and travel the world taking down drug lords and crime kingpins? They had nothing to do with his family’s disappearance.


If there is anyone with a more vested interest in finding a way to bring back the “other half,” it’s him. He should have been first at Avengers HQ pushing the braintrust that is Tony, Bruce, and Rocket to find a way to undo what Thanos had done. His reaction made no sense to me at all. 

Aside from these minor points, Endgame is near cinematic perfection and will have a place of honor on my Rankings list, fo sho!



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Kevin Spencer

It was a really good movie. The time travel bits made my head asplode. I know they needed to move the plot along but it just took me out of the movie just a little bit.


I totally get that. But they worked for me for some reason.

Marty Mankins

The scene with Clint killing the drug lords was the only out of place part of the movie for me. It was good, but I was trying to find why it such a minimal part.

My favorite character was Scott (Paul Rudd). His Back to the Future references, his multiple bits of humor throughout the movie was just loads of fun. Touching parts for me was Tony at the end, snapping his fingers and the video played that he leaves his daughter. And Black Widow life ending. I am looking forward to the movie that tells her story.


I think the Clint as Ronin bit would've benefited from his own film so we could get some context from the dark turn. Otherwise, yeah, it stuck out bad. Didn’t fit in at all. Still didn’t ruin the movie for me at all, though. Loved it!

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