I guess since the company working on installing new roofs on our home have done this...


...and we're not allowed to re-install them, I suppose it's time to send all this...


...back from whence it came. Thankfully, I only have to send the boxes back and not the dish. Just gotta find a place to dispose of it and eliminate the cable that's dangling from our roof.

R.I.P. DirecTV in our household. Sure, we disconnected you a week ago, but eliminating all the equipment feels so much more final. 

Oh, and I'm keeping the HDMI cables. Never can have too many of those around these days. Just a shame we purchased extras as well as splitters a couple months ago. What a waste. 


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Kevin Spencer

When we moved recently I found an entire box of old cables that I'd kept "just in case" that hadn't been used once in 5 years. That box did not come with us :-)


I found so many RCA cables last fall. Sooo many.

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