Tu(n)esday: Shovel...
TBT: P4K...


A friend of mine retweeted the following from author Dayton Ward...

I ran with it...

Then he and I went back and forth a bit. (Warning: you may need to bone up on your knowledge of dialogue from The Hunt for Red October for this to make sense.)

This is the Twitter I love. Not the Twitter of Donald Trump and Republicans and Democrats and mongers of hate speech and whatever other negativity is out there today. 

A Twitter full of love and fun and positive interaction. 

Information has its place, for better or for worse. But do we need to be overcome by it? 

That is all.


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Kevin Spencer

Yep, this is why I unfollowed all of "political twitter" because it was not bringing me joy sir.


I unfollowed some of it. Should do more.

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