TBT: Dropbox...


I’ve found some new videos that are pretty interesting. I thought I’d share them with you as well because I’m good like that!


This trailer for the new CBS All Access show Picard looks really good. I just can’t decide which I want more... to watch it or just acquire a case of that Picard Vineyard wine. 


I haven’t watched a Terminator film since T-2 — which I loathe — but for some reason Terminator: Dark Fate looks like it could be interesting. Not sure if it would be interesting enough to actually see. Now that I think about it, nah, probably not. 


I finally watched Snowpiercer recently and, while looking up something about the film, I found this Rhino Stew video comparing it to, um, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It’s pretty cool but, if you haven’t seen either movie, don’t watch this. 


This came up in my recommendations on YouTube. Knowing Nathan uses my account more than I do makes me worry what the hell he was watching. It is funny, though.


Same creative crew. Equally well done results. And it’s Yondu!

Time to work on my own video of the month. It won’t turn out even an iota as cool as these Hishe videos. Sorry.