Or should the title be "whisky"? I'm told by Google that the Irish spell it with an "e" while the Scots do not. As I have a modicum of Irish heritage, I'll use the "e". Dat cool?

Anyway, I was never much of a whiskey/bourbon/scotch drinker until my current job. Here, people take their scotch VERY seriously. Like, they will have it imported and pay tariffs and the like to get special bottles not available at local liquor stores. 

I'm not that crazy. I'm not (yet) willing to spend $100+ per bottle. But, yanno, if a pour is offered up at work, I'll very happily accept it and enjoy the lush taste. 

My tastes aren't refined enough that I know exactly what I like. My boss, on the flip side of the coin, knows exactly what he likes. Brand, year age, flavor profile... he has it all nailed down.

I would like to get to that point. But it's a very long -- and expensive -- process. 

So, maybe, I just try a little bit here and a little bit there.

And one thing I would like to try is this...


Bob Dylan's own Heaven’s Door 10 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon.

Remember what I said about not quite being at the place where I'm willing to spend $100 on a bottle yet? Well, take that "distance" and multiply it by five and that's where I am with buying this. But it just sounds so great!

There are, however, lesser expensive bottles of Dylan's bourbon that might serve as a great entry point for me. We shall see.


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Marty Mankins

I've always known "whisky" as being outside the US and "whiskey" inside the US. For example, Crown Royal is whisky, as is several from Ireland and France that i've had.

I've not tried the Dylan bourbon but am curious to. I need to add some posts to my Adult Beverages blog for some of the whiskys I've had over the last couple of years.


I’ve never heard the inside/outside the US approach. Typical of us.

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