That whole feeling like the floor of a taxicab thing? It continues. Been a week now.

That whole self diagnosis of uvulitis? Spot on according to the doctor I saw yesterday. She actually asked me if I had medical experience the way I was accurately using proper human anatomy terms.


[I love William Atherton. He's brilliant in everything he's in. Ghostbusters, Real Genius, Die Hard... you name it.]

The problem is that I have a battery of other issues as well... ear infection, inflamed tonsils, and, last but not least, strep-like symptoms but not full-blown strep. I'm on the mushroom meds right now (penicillin) as well as other OTC drugs to get me over the hump.

I haven't been in the office since Thursday (I work from home on Fridays for the summer) and was on vacation yesterday and today. I will work from home tomorrow and Thursday, and then my normal day on Friday. By the time I'm finally back in the physical office, it will have been 10 days since any of them have seen me.

They're probably celebrating. 


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Suzanne Apgar

I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly. Anything we can do?

Suzanne Apgar

We used to refer to it as feeling or tasting like the bottom of a bird cage.


Not really but thanks for asking.


Gerbil cage would’ve been more appropriate to our family.


I really wish you hadn't given it to me....


Those long-distance germ pipelines are a PitA, aren’t they? Sorry.

Kevin Spencer

Catching up on a thousand weeks of unread posts. Sorry to hear. Hope you got over this, I bet there's another blog post telling me that. Come on Spencer hurry up and read.


Nah. More fun to complain about having it than to explain you’re back to good health.

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