I did something today that I haven’t done in probably 20-odd years... I set foot in a hobby shop. I’m talking a me hobby shop (models, r/c, trains, etc.), not that place that has Hobby in the name, claims to be Christian, and smuggles religious artifacts to the states illegally. 

I went to HobbyTown USA!


I used to go to this place all the time when I was a teenager who built model cars and raced r/c trucks. It was a great place for parts and kits and smart people who share the love of it all. 

Unfortunately, the one where I grew up closed down years ago. 

One is open where we now live, I’ve just never gone. I had no real need. 

But with my Traxxas Grinder, I have a potential need and I wanted to see if they carried parts for me. 


One guy knew it simply by name and knew it was a now-discontinued pseudo-spinoff of another model that is far more common. But replacing parts of my drivetrain and suspension will not be straightforward and will require some research to create the parts combos. They are, however, happy to help me. 

So I'm pretty stoked and can’t wait to have me some fun.

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