Kevism: Miley...

Feel free to file this under “Things I never ever saw coming,” but I have become obsessed with Miley Cyrus music. Legitimately. Her new EP, SHE IS COMING, is amazing and I’ve played it a bunch. What is happening to me?

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Snippets 2019.02...

Jun 20
Wanna know something I haven't done in just a hair more than four months and have only done once so far this year? SNIPPETS!! So let's get some! Ripped from the headlines! Fiyah! Know someone with a 2015-era 15" MacBook...
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Kevism: M&Ms...

Jun 22
In line at the theater, they’re selling “Share Size” bags of Hazelnut M&Ms for $4 each while the Mexican Jalapeño Peanut flavor are $1.50. I’d actually prefer the jalapeño.


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Kevin Spencer

The kiddo had a Miley song on the other day and I caught myself playing little air drums along to it. It's not just you dude.


That’s good to know.

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