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Macro Monday 2019.22...

Katie's cousin Stacey was Johnny on the spot with the answer to last week's #MiniMusicMonday.


Any idea on this one? As a hint, this is the first time I’ve repeated an artist in this #MiniMusicMonday campaign. 


Check back in a week. Or take a look in the comments either here or on Instagram (no one guesses on Twitter) and you will hopefully have your answer a little early. Just like we all found out a hair early that...


...James Holzhauer didn't beat Ken Jennings' record on Jeopardy. Nothing wrong with a spoiler if you're good with it.


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Kevin Spencer

I got nothing for the macro shot. But I was a bit bummed that James lost on Jeopardy. He was _really_ good at that game.


A coworker of mine went to high school with him. He’s a local guy. Natively, that is.

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