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Katie and I desperately want to extend the wifi signal in our house. It just doesn't reach as well, say, upstairs in our bedroom as we'd like. It was fine before. But now that we're relying 100% on streaming for our TV habits, we need a better one to avoid buffering and display artifacting and the like. 

There are a lot of systems available, but the ones I keep hearing about and seeing at Costco are the NetGear Orbi AC2200, NetGear Orbi AC3000, and the Google Wifi. They all seem to do the same thing and all tout how easy they are to set up and maintain. The difference lies in the number of devices and, of course, the price. 

Google Wifi has four devices, covers something like 6,000 sq ft, and costs $299.00.

NetGear Orbi AC3000 has three devices, covers about 4,500 sq ft, and costs $399.00 regularly but there's a $100 instant rebate at Costco.

NetGear Orbi AC2200 has two devices, covers about 2,000 sq ft, and costs $179.00.

Considering our home is 1,500 sq ft, you'd think the AC2200 would cover it. I just worry because I would like to have a signal out in our garage because I have a TV and Apple TV I'd like to set up out there. Plus, during the summer, my work from home (WFH) hours could be spent in the garage so I can supervise Nathan playing outside. Having a strong signal there would be great. I just don't know how well the two-point system would work for that.

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The AC3000 seems kinda pointless at that price, even with a $100 rebate. If it's the exact same price as the Google system, shouldn't I just get four devices even though I could never possibly use that level of coverage? Plus, $299 seems excessive.

Am I missing anything vital by going with the AC2200, other than total coverage area? Is there an upside to the additional $120 I'd have to spend on the larger scale systems, again, other than total coverage area? Better warranties? I've known of NetGear for many years, but have never owned any of their products. Are they still a good company? 

Heck, I may even be able to find better packages of devices at other stores. Costco is just the only place I've really looked at to this point.

So much to learn. So, so much.