TBT: Smile...


Instead of our usual take-out Pizza Friday, Katie and I decided that we would go to a place near where she works called Nick's Pizza & Pub for dinner with Nathan. 

It certainly was time to return as we used to go here fairly regularly -- either the South Elgin or Crystal Lake location -- but haven't been here since Nathan's first birthday party back in 2013.

Trying some place "new" is always a risk with Nathan. He has a very specific palate and it's not usually open to trying new things, but we are stretching the envelope anyway out of necessity and boredom. 

We got a large thin crust half cheese/half sausage and pepperoni pizza and some drinks. Was it a success? You tell me...


...Katie and I didn't even get a chance to try his cheesy half.


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Suzanne Apgar

Very much a success!


Can’t argue those results.

Kevin Spencer

So now I find myself all hungry.


I can’t imagine why. 

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