Last night, Katie and I decided to start watching the Harry Potter movies again. We offered to show them to Nathan — at least the first two which aren’t quite so scary as the later installments — but he opted out. 

So we started The Sorceror’s Stone last night... and fell asleep less than halfway through. The movie finished. We didn’t. 

Tonight, we decided to queue it up to the last scene we remembered seeing and started watching again. Katie made it 10 minutes. I made it 20. It's late and I'm not even going to bother trying to get back into it.


Geez, we are terrible. How old are we again?

Update: We finally finished it on Sunday night. Both of us. Awake.


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Kevin Spencer

It's a sign of our age? For this happens to me all the time. And exactly the reason I never finish any book I start reading.


Hey, we’re finally up to the third movie so we’re getting there. Taking 2-3 nights per film, though.

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