Tu(n)esday: Mick...

I do believe tonight marks the final night in what, if Instagram and Facebook posts are to be believed, feels like a month-long residency at Soldier Field here in Chicago. Actually, I think it was only three or four nights, but, damn, I'm getting tired of all the posts. 


[image courtesy of Getty Images via forbes.com]

Anyway, from what I heard, Mick (Jagger, Rolling Stones' frontman) was apparently having some fun at the crowd's expense tonight. He moved around the stage asking where he was in Soldier Field. The crowd would oblige him by announcing the yard line. 

Once he got to the 30 yard line, he asked [paraphrased], "Isn't this where that bloke missed the field goal?"


That's harsh, Mick. Real harsh.

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Jun 24
Once again, Reuben came thru in a pinch and correctly identified last week’s #MiniMusicMonday. It might be better to think of this #minimusicmonday less as an album cover and more as a poster. Anyway, see you in a week.
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Jun 26
A couple years ago, Nathan happened across a couple of my old G.I. Joe 3.75" action figures. He doesn't have any other G.I. Joe stuff, but he loves these two figures. One of them is the vintage Baroness from 1984......


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Kazza the Blank One

Mick Jagger was born two days before my Dad. So far he's outlived him by five years. Funny how the world works.


Very. Sorry.

Kevin Spencer

Giving them all the credit to be doing this at their age. They're the same age as my parents.


They’re more spry than me.

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