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My friend Christa posted a meme/list on Facebook and I wanted to reply... just not there... because I don't do Facebook, really. So here it is:

  • How old are you: 44
  • Surgeries: 1
  • Tattoos: 1
  • Ever hit a deer: With my fist? No. Silly question.


  • Rode in an ambulance: Yeah. 
  • Ice skated: Yes. Mostly on my butt.
  • Rode a motorcycle: About 100 feet.
  • Stayed in a hospital: Yes. Haven't we all? It's called birth.
  • Skipped school: Too many times to count
  • Last phone call: My wife
  • Last text from: My brother-in-law
  • Watched someone actually die: Um, no. Morbid much?
  • Pepsi or Coke: Coke
  • Favorite pie: Blueberry/Peach
  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Broken bones: [don't want to jinx myself]
  • Received a ticket: Yes. I've been to a ton of concerts and movies and plays and ridden on planes and trains.
  • Favorite color: Neapolitan
  • Sunrise or sunset: Sunset
  • Ocean or mountain: Hawaii. It's got both.
  • Furthest place traveled: Hawaii. Look how that worked out.
  • Who will play this game: Not a soul.

Hey, if I can’t be a little snarky on my blog, where can I be?


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Do you wear ear protection to the concerts and shows?


These days I go to festivals. So they’re outdoors and have far more diffused sound. I also don’t get too close. I should’ve worried about it when I was younger and went to a ton more concerts.

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