June Goals...


My mind was kinda blown this past Wednesday when all the new comic book day release information dropped and, there amongst the paperback rubble, was news that the new issue of The Walking Dead was the last. 

No one knew it was coming. There was zero heads up. At least not that I knew about. 

I still cannot believe it. The best selling comic book in Image Comics history. One of the top selling comics ever from any publisher. The progenitor of a comic, novel, toy, television, and (soon) movie empire. 

And now the trunk of the tree is being hacked down. 

I’m really curious what this will mean for the branches. 



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While I think that this seems a bit rushed and sudden, I do think that it's time for the book to go. Good for Kirkman to know when to say when!


Agreed on “rushed and sudden,” but I feel the time to go was actually about 60 issues ago in the midst of the first Negan war, which bored me to tears. Since the three-year jump into the future, I’ve actually really enjoyed it. Although, admittedly, I’m seven issues behind right now (I read as new volumes come out, not day-and-date issue drops). The Whisperers was probably my favorite storyline ever in this series.

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