Taped 13...


Reports have been circulating through local social and news media that the lagoon in Humboldt Park in the northwest side of Chicago may have an interloper of sorts.

Several people spotted a four or five foot long thing floating in the lagoon. As more people started taking photos of better quality, it was identified as an alligator... way the heck up here in Chicagoland.

Humboldt-park-alligator[image from Ren's View Photography]

Now everyone is either up in arms worried about their kids and pets, or they're cheering on the gator with hashtags of #HumboldtGator and #gatorwatch and on the spoof Twitter account @GatorHP.

Me? I know what my first thought was that IMDb needs to recategorize this...


...from Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller to Documentary.

Update: It’s now believed there may be two gators in the lagoon. One is the loneliest...


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