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Taped 14...

It's been a little bit since I've shared with you a collection or haul of mine, hasn't it? What I'm about to share isn't really a haul of used tapes. Instead, it's my growing collection of new tapes released by Polyvinyl Records. For some reason, I really dig what they produce. I also really dig that while their cassettes cost about $10-12 on their website, I can get them for half that price from the official Polyvinyl table at the Pitchfork Music Festival and I have done just that each of the last two years.

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Macro Monday 2019.30...

I hate when two people guess correctly within short order on #MiniMusicMonday and on two different social media networks. Why? Because good timestamps are practically non-existent without paying for the use of third-party software to manage it all. And, this is not something where I'm making money or giving out real prizes so I'm not paying for the software.

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I've heard horror stories in the past about television networks denying their content to service providers. What happens is that a contract expires between, say, HBO (or its parent company) and Dish Network. So HBO is no longer beholden to previous terms and wants more money or whatever and, until Dish Network coughs up the demands or they meet somewhere in the middle, Dish can't broadcast HBO or any of its subnetworks, etc.

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Kevism: TP...

While I truly appreciate it when companies and stores give us a little more bang for our buck, I’d prefer that toilet paper manufacturers give it to us in the form of extra rolls instead of bigger ones. Toilet paper spindles won’t spin when the roll is too thick. That frustrates me to no end.