Back when I thought that Disney adapting their animated features into live-action films was a one-time thing (2015’s Cinderella), I was okay with it.

Then a couple more happened and I started worrying. Although, despite this worry, I did see Beauty and the Beast but only because I wanted to see how Emma Watson did in the role. 

But now they’re coming at a fever pitch. Three this year alone (Aladdin, Dumbo, and The Lion King) none of which I have any interest in seeing.

That all changes next year when this happens...

Oh. My. God. This looks absolutely incredible. And, so long as they keep dreaming Mushu (the little red dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy in the animated original) out of it, I don’t see how it can be anything but great. 


I don’t know Gong Li (left) but she looks great in the trailer. Jet Li (right) is always awesome. Donnie Yen? Freaking Chirrut Îmwe from Rogue One? Hell yes!!!

I am one with Mulan; Mulan is with me. 


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