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It's been a little bit since I've shared with you a collection or haul of mine, hasn't it? What I'm about to share isn't really a haul of used tapes. Instead, it's my growing collection of new tapes released by Polyvinyl Records. For some reason, I really dig what they produce. I also really dig that while their cassettes cost about $10-12 on their website, I can get them for half that price from the official Polyvinyl table at the Pitchfork Music Festival and I have done just that each of the last two years.


The bottom two in the image above are ones you may recognize: Japandroids Celebration Rock and STRFKR Miracle Mile. Why would you recognize them? I featured them last year as part of my haul from Pitchfork. Amazing albums.

The other three are newish bands to me. I've listened to some Kero Kero Bonito on Spotify and really like her sound so I nabbed the last copy of Time 'n' Place they had in stock at the table this year. Jay Som played Pitchfork 2019 the day before I went. My buddy, Eric, saw her because he went two days and really liked her and recommended Everybody Works as one of his favorite albums from her. Pedro the Lion's Phoenix was promo'd to death on Instagram by Polyvinyl and I listened to some of it prior to the official release of the album. It's good. Really good.


So, yeah, I'm becoming a bit of a Polyvinyl pimp. 

No, this is not an endorsed post. But if they want to sent me more tapes, I'll listen... and keep them. 

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