Macro Monday 2019.26...


Not only is today the last day before Illinois’ gas tax doubles, but normal vehicle registration will jump by about 50%, electric vehicle registration jumps by what feels like 1000% (I don’t wanna do the math), and it seems like a bunch of other taxes are kicking in as well. 

All in the name of “infrastructure improvement.” 

Lord knows we need it. Our roads and bridges are crumbling to next to nothing. I just question if that’s where 48% of this tax money will truly go. This is Illinois, after all. Honest and transparent politics are not something for which we’re known. 

Oh yeah, something else of note today... it’s the one year anniversary since the final day of Toys’r’Us being in business.


One year. Wow. 


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Suzanne Apgar

Thank you Mr. Pritzker!!

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