Tu(n)esday: Walk40...

While I probably should’ve written about it yesterday when it actually happened, I decided to wait a day until I hit a Tu(n)esday up in here to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the cassette Walkman!

1979, folks, is when the ability to listen to cassette tapes on portable devices was first made available to us. That’s older than a majority of my coworkers. 

While I know that my Walkman is not quite 40 years old (more like 28-29 y.o.), I’m still going to make it the focus of my celebration. Yesterday, I hooked it up in my car and listened to the Love, Simon soundtrack.


Great album that really sounds pretty amazing on analog audio.

How about some more of a tribute to an entertainment device I love so dearly? Some past stuff I’ve produced. 






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I don’t understand Quill’s obsession with this thing. #yonduonterra

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Happy 40th, Walkman!

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Suzanne Apgar

I don't know if I still have mine.


We all know dad doesn’t.

Kevin Spencer

I totally missed that video you made a couple years back. Very cool. And yeah the touch, the feel, the sounds. It's all part of the cassette experience. I'm a little sad that I don't have a working Walkman from back in the day.


There’s always eBay.

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