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Remember the days of ye olde Blogroll? That master list of fellow bloggers' sites that we maintained on our sites so we not only had a one-stop recommendation shop for things we think make for great reads, but it also served as a type of bookmark list? They were great. 

Most bloggers these days don't have such a list anymore. A few might, but most do not. And those who do probably don't have much listed there (unless you're Kim). Me? Mine is sad. It's so sad I added links to favorite podcasts just to flesh it out a little more. 

But I was on the Wayback Machine and happened to catch what my blogroll looked like back on my birthday in 2006 (my 32nd birthday, to be more precise)...


I had 62 blogs I was reading at that time. Wow! SIXTY-TWO!! Compared to seven now. 

For the record, I still love the design of my blog at this time. It remains a favorite even if it's not responsive at all. 



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I lost my blogroll and haven't made an effort to add it back since Feedly does that for me.

Blogging has changed so much! I remember the good ole days as well. There's a lot less to read now.


I assume the one in your sidebar is manually curated?


The one from before was some "pages" widget or whatever it's called in Wordpress that my new format doesn't have. So I did manually enter each "page" but it was not h and coded. 

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 7:03 PM Kevin Apgar <kevinwapgar@gmail.com> wrote:

I assume the one in your sidebar is manually curated?

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