For years — actually more than a decade — this has been my Discover card...


It always fit my personality and love of music and classic media. Even long before I got back into collecting cassettes, I loved it. 

People who see it when I use it love it as well. They think it’s the coolest thing in the world and it gets me remembered at places.

The other day, I got a new card in the mail. My account had been upgraded with new features and whatnot. So they sent me this...


Blech! How boring. I want my old cassette card back! Wahhh!!!

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Aug 16
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Aug 18
Today, a month and a day ahead of the actual date, we held Nathan’s seventh birthday party. All three of us got to creative with the theme Nathan chose and everyone had a great time. I’m gonna let photos do...


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The coolest part is all those zeros!


It’s an easy card number to remember.


That happened to me too. I had a card with a butterfly on it and they discontinued the design. Maybe they still have yours though and you just have to re request it? I switched to a design with a dog on it that just so happens to look exactly like my dog so that creates a lot of discussion.


My card design is still there but it’s not tagged as an It card. So I may have to call to see if I can still get It. Heh heh. See what I did there?

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