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I’m sorry, but if you’re running a restaurant, particularly a Mexican one, and don’t stock enough meat to justify staying open or don’t have hours past 3 p.m. on a Friday, then just shut your doors forever, m’kay?

Both these things happened the last two times we tried to go to Taco Urbano in Batavia, IL. Yes, I went in there and the kid at the counter said they were out of ground beef, steak, pork, and chicken all at the same time. We’re done. 

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Kevism: Crave...

Aug 29
I’m craving a burrito. That is all.
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Aug 31
I shoulda been working on cleaning the garage. I shoulda been reading a book that I’ve had on my must-read list for a month. I shoulda been mapping a new domain I picked up. I shoulda been editing a video....


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Suzanne Apgar

I agree! How do you run out of the basics of your eatery?


Something tells me it was a lazy kid not wanting to make anything.

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