We did something pretty interesting tonight as a family. We joined a bunch of Katie's coworkers and volunteered at Feed My Starving Children filling and boxing MannaPacks for starving children the world over. Actually, our target area tonight was Haiti.

It was pretty fun. We were there for two hours of which we stuff pouches and boxes for one and a half hours and then cleaned up for the final half hour. Nathan even enjoyed it and said he'd do it again. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 3.50.36 PM

The family that volunteers together... or some such? 

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Aug 23
I've only ever had one Bloody Mary in my life. That was in October 2001 on one of the four flights to and from our honeymoon. I don't recall which flight. I do recall that I hated it. I've never...
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Aug 25
Oh. My. God. This looks incredible! I'm fairly certain I've watched this trailer more than I did the one for The Force Awakens back before it came out. I... I... I... have no more words for how awesome this looks.


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