The whole plastic vs paper straw debate of late has not really managed to draw me in. I just don’t care. I guess if environmentalists can find a more friendly way to drink drinks and save wildlife, why not?

Then I actually did get drawn into it when we went to Medieval Times last week for dinner and got to try using paper straws for the first time since the debate erupted. 


They’re terrible!

Absolutely, 100% unusable in any way. 

I get that plastic straws are bad for the environment because they take so long to break down and more often than not get thrown in the trash. But at least they can be re-used and are recyclable. 

Some environmentalists claim paper straws still wind up in landfills where they cause just as much damage as plastic ones. Just for less time. Plus, as recently discovered, some aren’t easy to recycle despite being “paper.”

But what if you wind up having to use more of them? 

At that very dinner I mentioned, my son needed three paper straws to get through a single drink because they kept getting waterlogged.

I suppose the water logging is a good sign for their compostability, but — and I apologize to Mother Earth here — make mine plastic. I’ll just try to be more conscious of how I dispose of them.


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